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Lost Among The Homeless Resource Guide

Are you a family member in crisis and looking for a lost loved one? This Resource Guide is the first place to start the process. It also includes Now What? Recovery Plan Guidelines which are a critical component to re-unification. Finding a lost loved one and expecting him or her to just 'come home' is often an unrealistic expectation if the person has mental illness and/or co-occurring addiction issues and is prone to homelessness. Careful thought and consideration must be given to determine 'Now What?" when a lost loved one is found. You can download the Resource Guide for $2.50 or purchase the Paperback Booklet Edition for $6.50 Here. All the proceeds go to support Outpost for Hope.

Speaking & Training Testimonials

Libba Phillips, founder of Outpost for Hope, has a sister who has been missing multiple times since the onset of bipolar disorder and substance abuse problems. Libba shared what she has learned while searching for her sister in a gripping workshop Treatment Advocacy Center attended at the NAMI 2010 annual convention July 2-4 in Washington DC.

Libba reported that there are an estimated 110,000 reported missing persons in the National Crime Information Center database maintained by the FBI and thousands more missing but not in any database or on the public’s radar screen. They are often unaccounted for due to estrangement from family and friends and often due to a reluctance of law enforcement to take reports on people who are “free” to be missing, homeless, and seriously mentally ill. The result of this is that thousands are victimized or killed because their vulnerability is exploited. In the 11 years since Libba Phillips launched a search for her sister, Outpost for Hope has trained family members, police officers, mental health advocates, and others to help locate loved ones who are in crisis, lost in the streets among the homeless. Libba’s own story and a downloadable copy of a Resource Guide to help families and others locate the lost may be found at